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Transform Your Recovery with Gelid’s G-pod Ice Bath


  • G-Mold (Ice Mold)
  • G-Float (Low Temperature Thermostat)
  • Gelid Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Air Pump

Are you tired of ineffective recovery methods? Discover the G-pod Ice Bath – the ultimate solution for muscle soreness, inflammation, and prolonged recovery times.

Why Choose Gelid’s G-pod?

Superior Cold Retention: Our state-of-the-art five-layer insulation system ensures prolonged cold water retention, maximizing the benefits of cold therapy.

Durable and Weatherproof: Crafted from top-quality materials like Polyester, PVC, EPE, and Foam, the G-pod is designed to withstand all weather conditions and rigorous use, offering unparalleled durability.

Easy Setup and Maintenance: The G-pod’s quick and hassle-free setup process allows you to start your recovery routine without delay. The tightly fitting lid enhances insulation, maintaining optimal cold temperatures.

Comfort and Space: With a diameter of 34 inches and a height of 30 inches, the G-pod comfortably accommodates users up to 6'7", providing a spacious full-body immersion experience.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. Should you encounter any issues, our responsive and supportive customer service team is always ready to ensure a seamless experience.

Elevate Your Recovery

Step into the future of cold therapy with the G-pod Ice Bath by Gelid. Whether you aim to boost your athletic performance or enhance your overall well-being, the G-pod makes cold therapy both accessible and effective. Order now and revolutionize your recovery routine with Gelid’s G-pod Ice Bath.

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About Gelid's Ice Bath


Discover the power of cold water immersion therapy with Gelid's Portable Recovery Pod Ice Bath, designed with 5 layers of thermal insulated TPE for consistent temperature.

Home Recovery Made Easy

GPod brings the ultimate cold therapy experience to your home. Perfect for athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

Designed for convenience, Our portable ice bath ensures a mess-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy anytime, anywhere.

Experience the Pinnacle of Durability and Design

Uncompromising Quality Guaranteed

At Gelid®, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every G-pod Ice Bath we craft. We understand that quality is not just a feature but a promise to our customers. That's why we meticulously design our products with the finest materials and advanced five-layer technology, ensuring unmatched durability and performance. Our rigorous testing standards and attention to detail guarantee that each G-pod meets the highest quality benchmarks, providing you with a luxurious, effective, and reliable ice bathing experience. Trust Gelid to elevate your wellness routine with the assurance of supreme quality and satisfaction.


Layers Technology

A multi-layered ice bath ensures consistently colder experiences no matter where you are


Gallons of Capacity

The Gelid G-Pod features a spacious 112-gallon capacity, allowing for complete and comfortable immersion, suitable for users up to 6'7" tall.

The New Standard Of Cold Therapy

The G-pod Ice Bath by Gelid®

Featuring five-layer insulation, offers enduring cold retention for optimal recovery and wellness. Its high-quality, portable design ensures convenient and effective cold therapy anywhere, setting a new standard in personal health solutions.

Advanced Layering Technology

Its innovative five-layer construction enhances durability and insulation, ensuring a consistently cold plunge.

Sustainable High-Quality Materials

Crafted from premium, eco-friendly materials, the tub promises unmatched quality and sustainability.

Unparalleled Luxury

The G-pod ice bath embodies luxury in every detail, offering an unmatched experience in the realm of personal wellness. Crafted with precision, it integrates advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide a serene and invigorating ice bath experience. Its design not only prioritizes functionality but also exudes elegance, making it a statement piece in any environment. The G-pod is not just about cold therapy; it's a luxurious escape, a testament to sophistication in wellness.

Tailored for the Tallest

Understanding the diverse needs of individuals, the G-pod ice bath has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate even the tallest users comfortably. With a generous capacity of 120 gallons and ample dimensions, it ensures that everyone, up to 6'7" in height, can submerge fully and enjoy the benefits of cold immersion without compromise. This inclusivity in design underscores our commitment to providing a superior experience to all, regardless of stature.

Exemplary Quality

At Gelid®, quality is not just a feature; it's the foundation of every product we create. The G-pod ice bath is the epitome of this philosophy, constructed from 5 layers of the finest materials, including robust PVC, EPE, and thickened pearl cotton, all culminating in a product that promises durability, performance, and safety. Its high-quality construction ensures that the G-pod withstands the test of time, offering consistent and reliable performance for those seeking the ultimate in cold therapy solutions.

Explore the Gelid® G-Pod: Your Questions Answered



My boyfriend loved this product and it’s perfect for small spaces and he’s a large guy and fits when crouching.

This was a product by bf wanted to add to his woryout routine. He was excited it was recieved before Christmas quick shipping and it is as expected and dies not take up a lot of space.

N.W. Husker

My son started cold plunging 2 years ago. He was able to do it at his gym, but when we moved he had to use the shower at home.

My nephew had one of these, so i decided to give him this for Christmas. He loves it! His friends come over and all take a dip. He is 6 feet tall and this works fine for him.

Brock C

This has worked well for us to see if doing cold plunges is something we find beneficial and want to incorporate into our lives more regularly.

It was easy to set up and works just fine. It gets the job done in a cost efficient way compared to some of the insanely priced albeit higher quality and more "permanent" cold plunge options out there.I would recommend this as a good option for those that want to try it out. We are in a climate where it gets below freezing overnight, so no need

Tammy Brown

This is a great, affordable option for an intensely cold experience.

We use it as much as we can and it holds up well. It also was really easy to set up and take down. Very portable. We love this thing.

elizabeth kosowski

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 20 year old son.I never expected that I would use it.

We all laughed as we watched my son get into the cold bath every morning. But, after a couple of weeks of hearing my son repeatedly express how good he felt I decided to give it a try. The stories are true. Cold plunges help reduce inflammation & joint pain. It’s a greatboost in the mornings. Better than a cup of coffee. Now the whole family is taking the plunge. We are super happy with the quality of this product. Easy to put together. Size is perfect. You won’t be disappointed.

At Gelid®, we are relentlessly innovating, propelling our products and wellness solutions to new heights. Similarly, the continuous growth and pioneering spirit of our community inspire us.

James - CEO and Founder Of Gelid®


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